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We the Kings slash.

Slash The Kings
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We The Kings slash.
This is Slash The Kings.


From left to right, We The Kings is: Danny Duncan, Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, and Drew Thomsen.

This community is dedicated to We The Kings slash. If you love We The Kings and slash, then you should be very happy here.


This community in no way, shape, or form suggests that the members of We The Kings are gay. This community was created to stimulate the imagination of their slash loving fans.

1. When posting a story, please use the format provided for you.

2. All content must be under a cut, whether it be a story or fanart.

3. Please friend lock all post with a rating over PG-13. So if your post is rated R, friend lock it. If your post is rated NC-17, friend lock it. If your post is rated XXX...friend lock that shit! We like these posts very much, but please, friend lock them (a rating scale is provided if you're not sure what to rate your post).

4. Please leave nice comments.

5. Please spell check your stories before posting them. We do not like to try to figure out bad grammar, and although a beta is not required, one is recommended.

6. Please do not promote other communities of any type.

7. Stay on topic as much as possible.

8. Have Fun!
When posting a story, please use the following format:

LiveJournal Cut (All stories must be under a cut):

Links (i.e. links to previous chapters, or links to your own personal journal). This code would go before the LiveJournal cut:

Rating Scale (please refer to this when rating your stories):

G: Work/school safe, hand holding, cuddling, not necessarily a romantic relationship, generally no swearing.

PG: Work/school safe, an established relationship, a few kisses here and there, all swearing.

PG-13: Not necessarily work/school safe, a definite relationship, including making out, implied sexual themes, mild violence.

R: Not work/school safe, definite established romantic relationship between 2 or more characters, graphic sexual themes, violence, other sexual things (i.e. touching, etc.)

NC-17: Not work/school safe, definite established romantic relationship between 2 or more characters, graphic sexual situations, violence, graphic sex (i.e. penetration, kink, etc.)

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