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12 October 2008 @ 04:23 pm
hello there lovlies! :D
how are you all this fine evening?
I really miss you all posting stories and whatever. I think you should post more stories.

Okay, as you might have noticed we have a new layout :D the layout is mostly finished, I'm just thinking if I should change the colors in the side boxes. what do you think? and no I did not code the entire layout myself, I used a precoded template, and added the header (which i did make myself), and changed the colors and stuff. What do you think? love it? hate it? I need to know! haha.

Anyways. Enough about the layout. I have a proposal for you all, and I need all of you guys to comment on this. Even all you lurkers out there! We need you!
okay so I'm thinking about having a weekly promt for this community, like I give you a word, phrase, picture, or something, and you write a story about it. I kind of got this idea from my Juliet, with her promt table (love you babe). I think it would be kind of cool to start a weekly promt for this community. as for organization, there would be one post with a table in it, and that is how we would keep track of all the promts and shit. other than that I don't have any other rules yet, but if you guys are really into it, I'll totally make up the rules and post them and we'd get everything straightened out.

So now you need to comment, and tell me what you think. I'm serious, comment. If you've never commented before and just kind of lurk this comm, now is your chance to introduce yourself, and let us know what you want to see. We don't bite... well I don't, I can't speak for anoyone else, but I don't bite. C'mon we're all a close slash loving family, let's get together and all comment on an importan issue.

♥ your lovely mod Brianna
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09 September 2008 @ 04:01 pm
hello there lovlies!
this is your wondedrful mod Brianna... well, some of you might not think I'm wonderful, but that's your own issue.
Anyways, I'm here to tell you all that we have two new lovly affiliate communities.
the best of slash, which is a slash community where you can read the best slash fiction out there.
TheBestofSlashThe Best Of Slash

I highly recommend Joining this community.

Along with that community, we have a new community for all your slash promt needs KissmyslashKiss my slash

so if you ever need a promt, or something, you can go to this community.

Okay, so you may have noticed some changes I've made to this community, this community will now have moderated posting, and moderated joining, which means Rachel or Myself will have to aprove you into this community. Now we have no problem doing this, and everyone will be accepted. I just made everything moderated to help keep track of all the post and new members and shit.

Now, I'm sure you've noticed the new layout, if you haven't you should check it out. haha. But, I'll probaly be putting up more new layouts that are not mine, and I borrowed from people. haha. And if you make graphics i.e. a header, banners, icons, layouts, and whatever, and you don't mind making one for this community, that would be great, and one hundred percent credit will be given. So If you're intrested in that, leave me a comment here, or message me at either one of my journals, I don't care which one, and I'm not going to bitch at you for messaging me, I'm nice, I swear, but yeah, message me or comment here, and we will work something out.
ummm.. other than that, I think I covered everything, write more We The Kings slash :]

Your Mod, Brianna
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22 July 2008 @ 03:04 am
Title: Halo Is The Best Excuse
Author: Me, 13rachey13
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Travis Clark/Drew Thomsen
POV: Third
Summary: What is more fun than playing Halo?
Disclaimer: 100% fake. Do not believe a thing, unless you want to.
Author Notes: For xxrandomxbrixx and xsilence_loudx. Enjoy!

Halo Is The Best ExcuseCollapse )
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22 July 2008 @ 02:59 am
Title: Everything That I Need Is Next To Me
Author: Me, 13rachey13
Rating: PG
Pairing: Travis Clark/Drew Thomsen
POV: Third, mainly focusing on Drew.
Summary: So, Travis likes this guy...
Disclaimer: 100% fake. Do not believe a thing, unless you want to.
Author Notes: I stole this idea from a commercial that I saw the other day. Of course, I changed it around a lot and made it into fic. Enjoy!

Everything That I Need Is Next To MeCollapse )
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21 July 2008 @ 12:19 am
Title: Spare Me Just Three Last Words
Author: Me, 13rachey13.
Pairing/band: Travis Clark/Drew Thomsen (We The Kings, obviously).
POV: Third
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: 100% fake. Do not believe a thing, unless you want to.
Summary: Drew appears to be sick. Travis thinks that it's something else.
Warnings: Mpreg.
A/N: I apologize for the length of this chapter. All previous chapters are attached and can be found at my journal.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3Collapse )
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17 July 2008 @ 07:05 pm
hello there lovelies!
i am pleased to announce that we have another new affiliate community!joncerrjoncerr

this community is for slash related to jon walker and spencer smith of panic at the disco.
i am a member of this community, and they never disappoint. so check it out. joncerrjoncerr

<3 much love
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16 July 2008 @ 08:57 pm
title: all the hot guys come out at night
author: xxrandomxbrixx
rating: pg-13(swearing and boykissing)
paring: travis/drew
POV: 3rd
summary: when drew and hunter go to the fair, drew gets more attention than he expected
disclaimer: this is bassed on what happened to me last night at the fair, so its a true story, with some untrue things added to make it a bit more slashy ;]

all the hot guys come out at night
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16 July 2008 @ 03:25 pm
hello there sunshine!
i just wanted to let you all know about our new affiliate community cobraslashshipcobraslashship
this is a slash community for cobra starship slash.
you gotta love cobra starship, they toured with we the kings, and they too are very sexy guys.

check it out here at cobraslashshipcobraslashship
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04 July 2008 @ 07:32 pm
Title: Through Fall (Prologue)
Author: conspiracy-xx
Pairings: Caleb Turman/Travis Clark
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Summary: A seventeen year old boy is carrying his guilt on his shoulders, when he blames himself for two deaths in his family, all he can do is wish for someone to save him.
A/N: New fic! Read it and give me feedback, more chapters up soon!

PrologueCollapse )
02 July 2008 @ 12:22 am
hello there!
i just wanted to let you all know we have a new affiliate communitymetro_slashmetro_slash
i highly recommend that you check outmetro_slashmetro_slash
this community is for metro station slash. and who doesn't love metro station?!
so go check it out!
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