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21 December 2008 @ 10:59 pm
hello lovies :]

This is half of our lovely staff here at slash the kings. I'm here to talk about a few things. one of which being that I'm still wondering about a weekly prompt. if we want to do one or not. or if we want to have a fic exchange. or something along those lines.
I've also see that our comm has gone Awall for a bit. It's kind of dead around here. We should fix that. post lots :]
And I'm going to definatly start tagging all of our post, because... well I don't really have a specfic reason, but it keeps everything neat and organized. I tried a sad attempt at tagging everythng tonight, but I think I want to go at it in a diffrent way. And Try to keep everything nice and neat around here :]

And, wth is up with the layout..anyone else tired of it? I'm honsetly kind of sick of looking at it. So if you want to make us a header or a stylesheet or something, let us know, and We'll work something out.

I really don't want our slash comm to die! so we need to post lots more :]
..I think I had another point, but I'm not sure, so that's all for now. comment with all your oppinnions on weekly promts, fic exchanges and all that good stuff.

♥ always, your mod Brianna
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